Length = Men's: 1200 meters, (3,937 feet) Curves: 16
Length = Women's: 988 meters, (3,241 feet) Curves: 13 


"Sigulda is a really unique track. During my first year on the track, it was pretty challenging to learn. Upon arrival, you're confronted with one of the most impressive start ramps on the circuit. Looming above you, mens start makes an impression upon any slider. Walking the track you're confronted with short, quick turns that eventually guide you into a very long straight away, followed by curve 15, where even though you know they're coming, the G-forces get you every time. Even then, the difficult parts aren't over because the final curve, which turns 270 degrees, has a very difficult exit. I had more problems in the outrun of the track than I did down the track!"
- Emily Sweeney 


Men: Armin Zoggler (Italy) - 2/19/11 - 48.490
Women: Tatjana Hufner (Germany) - 2/20/11 - 42.274
Doubles: Linger/Linger (Austria) - 2/19/11 - 42.000
Team Relay: Geisenberger, Loch, Wendl/Arlt (Germany) - 12/16/12 - 2:15.778

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