Coaches & Staff

  • Lubomir Mick headshot
    USA Luge

    Lubomir Mick

    Head Coach

    2002, 2006 Olympian for Slovokia

  • Kaspars Dumpis headshot
    USA Luge

    Kaspars Dumpis

    National Team Coach

    2006 Olympian for Latvia

  • Toni Eggert headshot
    USA Luge

    Toni Eggert

    National Team Coach

    2014, 2018, 2022 Olympian for Germany

    2018 Olympic bronze, 2022 Olympic silver medalist

  • Jakob Simonak
    USA Luge

    Jakub Šimoňák

    National Team Manager

    2018 Olympian for Slovokia

  • Pat Anderson headshot
    USA Luge

    Pat Anderson

    Junior National Team Head Coach

  • USA Luge

    Jon Owen

    Park City Coach and Technical Program Manager

  • Aidan Kelly, USA Luge coach
    USA Luge

    Aidan Kelly

    Development and Recruitment Coach

    2014 Olympian

  • Jayson Terdiman
    USA Luge

    Jayson Terdiman

    Development Coach

    2014, 2018 Olympian

  • Zach Layton headshot
    USA Luge

    Zach Layton

    Park City Assistant Coach

  • Caroline Kannel headshot
    USA Luge

    Caroline Kannel

    National Team Athletic Trainer

  • Jim Leahy

    Jim Leahy

    CEO / Executive Director

  • Mark Grimmette headshot
    USA Luge

    Mark Grimmette

    Sport Program Director

    1994, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 Olympian

    1998 bronze, 2002 Olympic silver medalist

  • Amy Chapin

    Amy Chapin

    Director of Operations

  • Lucy Beaulieu

    Lucy Beaulieu


  • Gordy Sheer

    Gordy Sheer

    Director of Marketing & Sponorships

    1992, 1994, 1998 Olympian

    1998 Silver Medalist

  • Dmitry Feld headshot
    USA Luge

    Dmitry Feld

    Marketing Manager

  • Brenna Payne
    USA Luge

    Brenna Margol Payne

    Director of Fund Develoipment

    USA Luge Foundation

  • Lauren Howe
    USA Luge

    Lauren Howe

    Public Relations Manager