88 Canada Olympic Road SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Length = Men's: 1251 meters, (4,104 feet) Curves: 14

Length = Women's: 1086 meters, (3,562 feet) Curves: 10


"Calgary offers a wide open style of racing. The most important curve on this course is number-10. The entrance of curve-10 is critical or the labyrinth will be a constant flight to maintain a fast line. Curve-13 can also be tricky because of how quickly it goes vertical. The athlete who can slide the most relaxed and drive the sled smoothly will have the best chance to win here."
- Brian Martin


Men's Singles: 44.516, Armin Zoeggler, ITA, Mov. 30, 2002
Women's Singles: 46.543, Sylke Otto, GER, Dec. 9, 2005
Doubles: 43.564, Grimette/Martin, USA, Nov. 29, 2002

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