Length = Men's: 1326 meters, (4,350 feet) Curves: 14

Length = Women's: 1242 meters, (3,917 feet) Curves: 13 


"Nagano is one of the places that you immediately get excited to race at when you see it's on the World Cup schedule. From the city to the people and culture, Nagano is a trip unlike any other. Remembering to drive on the opposite side of the road can almost be as exciting as sliding down the fast and tricky luge track. The 10-11-12 curve combination can be very difficult at times, but it also offers one of the great sensations from any track. As you come roaring from the exit of curve eleven it's a blind uphill ascent towards twelve. As you peak over the hill and can see the next curve, you experience negative G's and almost a weightless feeling right before whipping around the next turn. After a hard day of racing and training, it's always fun to relax and check out all the cool local temples! "
- Preston Griffall 


Men's Singles: 48.813, David Moeller, GER, Feb. 13, 2004
Women's Singles: 49.744, Silke Kraushaar, GER, Feb. 14, 2004
Doubles: 49.279, Leitner/Resch, GER, Feb. 14, 2004

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